Welcome to the Cowboy Carousel Center

An Introduction

Allow me to introduce you to the Cowboy Carousel Center. What started as a dream to bring our historic carousel to the downtown core has blossomed into a complete center for the visual and performing arts, which we offer for the enjoyment of locals and tourists. When complete, the center will house the only full size carousel in Wyoming and the only Cowboy and Indian carousel in the world. We will have the largest gallery space in Johnson County and unique historical space for gathering of all kinds and sizes.

Arnette Tiller
Arts Along the Bighorns

The phenomenon of the community carousel is multi-faceted. As the original classically carved wooden carousels became scarce, individuals stepped up to the challenge of the art form and created new ones. They often utilized antique mechanisms, beautifully restored and new discoveries were made. It becomes an amusing ride into history and a "pride of place" begins. Economic development becomes a fringe benefit as its appealing traffic spurs other projects. No longer is it an old concept, it is now a celebration for all generations-age 8 to 80. All have ownership in their efforts to establish a carousel, which will continue as they share the fun and thrill of the ride.

Bette Largent,
President National Carousel Association

Our History

The historic and artistic Cowboy Carousel was an east coast creation being manufactured in North Tomawanda, New York in 1925, and was originally in operation for sixty-three years at the Gillian's Fun Deck in OCEAN CITY, NEW JERSEY.

Interestingly enough, a picture of this carousel in its original condition hangs in the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE. The artistic horses are hand painted Fiberglass reproductions of original woodcarvings by local renowned Buffalo artist and carver, Bill Jennings.

This magical menagerie's relocation to Buffalo, Wyoming was made possible by EMERSON SCOTT. The Cowboy Carousel Center has Mr. Emerson Scott to thank for saving it's operation twice. He saved the original carousel for a second generational use in Wyoming in the late 80's and because of his vision and legacy to see the carousel relocate to the downtown, he will in fact, save it again for the next generation and new life on Lobban Avenue. This is the only COWBOY-AND-INDIAN themed carousel in the world, and with horses that have been recently restored as closely as possible to the original colors, the restoration and year round operation will be an important cornerstone to Buffalo's historic district. Wyoming's famous bucking horse is also the lead bucking horse on the carousel to represent STEAMBOAT, who bucked relentlessly at Cheyenne Frontier Days from 1903 to 1914 and was only ridden twice in his career. The other bucking horses on the carousel will pay tribute with a display of brands from historic ranches in Johnson County.