Imagine the Cowboy Carousel Center in full operation with summer visitors flocking to the center's primary attraction for rides and other fascinations, families gathered for snacks or picnic lunches around the gardens and pavilion, or those dropping in to support the community stage with live performances.

Even in cold weather and as snow falls throughout the year, the organ music and hopeful riders will still fit comfortably in the enclosed carousel.

By design there will still be enough room to host private evening dinners, receptions, children's birthday parties, community gatherings and a year round offering of space to artists, gift shop of collectibles and commodities.

International travelers and others with a diverse demographic interest will discover this allure on Lobban.

Cowboy Carousel Center: Existing Layout

Buffalo has always been good stewards of their historical assets.

Thousands visit Main Street at the foot of the Big Horns every year for a reason.

It is those experiences and connection to history, art, recreation and entertainment that make this investment relevant and necessary.